H & T SUMMIT 2018: an international event focused on value-based health care

Health systems and stakeholders are increasingly being held accountable for the value provided by their actions and products to patients and society at large. Healthcare ought to be driven by a relentless focus on delivering outcomes that truly matter to patients. However, the emergence of…

WHO - News #8143, Published 04/02/19 at 17:51

H&T SUMMIT 2018: review the healthcare system by improving quality (roundtable)

The "what value means for health systems" roundtable, moderated by David Bates, physician, biomedical informatician and professor at Harvard (health policy and management), launched the debate of the Health & Tech For People day. The event, centered on "value-based health care" (VBHC), was held in…

WHO - News #8133, Published 02/02/19 at 16:25

H&T SUMMIT 2018: accelerating the pace of health system transformation

According to Francesca Colombo, Head of the OECD Health Division, accelerating the pace of health system transformation is a "complex problem", saying that "the challenge is not just to optimize clinical care but also to take into consideration disease surveillance, research, system matching and…

WHO - News #8129, Published 02/02/19 at 16:23

H&T SUMMIT 2018: "We need to change the way in which students understand AI" (D. Cole, IBM)

"We need to change the way we’re educating medical students, and the way in which they understand [artificial intelligence (IA)]. The sooner we get used to it and understand its true capacity, the better care we will be able to provide (information, decisions, face-to-face contact), "said David…

TECH - News #8130, Published 02/02/19 at 14:21

Health data management: Intersystems information system deployed in a Chinese hospital

Intersystems, a US-based database software company, announced on January 15, 2018, that Amcare Women’s & Children’s Hospital’s Wanliu Campus, based in Beijing, China, has deployed the InterSystems TrakCare healthcare information system. Amcare and its affiliates provide gynecology, obstetrics…

TECH - News #5568, Published 08/03/18 at 14:53

China: Ping An Technology, world champion in medical imaging evaluation

In early January 2018, Yingxiang platform of Chinese company Ping An Technology stated that it had set world records for nodule detection and false positive reduction with average sensitivity rates of 95.1% and 96.8% respectively in the authoritative LUNA rankings for medical imaging, a global…

TECH - News #5563, Published 23/01/18 at 16:36

"The fight for patient empowerment" (Tim Greacen)

Tim Greacen, Director of the research laboratory of the Public Health establishment Maison Blanche in Paris, and a specialist of health promotion and the rights of users of the healthcare system, has accorded an interview to Health&Tech Intelligence on patient empowerment.This interview was made…

WHO - News #4547, Published 04/09/17 at 10:28

Australia warns against mental health applications

Australians who use mindfulness applications dedicated to preserve or improve their mental health are advised to exercise caution.Experts worry about the quality of certain devices and have called in early May 2017 for greater regulation of the digital health market, booming within the country.

POL - News #3612, Published 16/05/17 at 14:00

China: Infervision start-up creates an AI-based system for detecting lung cancer

The Chinese company Infervision has just unveiled a diagnostic system based on artificial intelligence to help doctors detect lung cancer at an early stage.The device is able to detect the first signs of cancer on a series of CT images, enabling doctors to offer treatment to their patients quickly.

TECH - News #3619, Published 16/05/17 at 09:00
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