Wednesday, December 15 2021   Paris
Point of care: Next Healthcare Organisation ?


Join us for the 4th edition of the Health&Tech Summit to be held on the 15th of December in Paris.
This year, the focus will be on Point-of-Care Innovation Models

Seize this opportunity to connect with a plethora of experts and health decision-makers from different countries.

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Welcome Speech : 1pm - 1.10 pm 

Sandrine Degos, CEO Care Insight

Keynote 1 Poc Innovations from Promises to Real Life : 1.10 pm - 1.20 pm 

Lise Rochaix, Professor, Scientific Chair, Hospinnomics (Hospital Innovation Economics), Paris School of Economics and AP-HP

PoC : Changing the lens: from patients to citizens

1.20 pm - 2 pm

Panel 1 Defining PoC innovations.

While some PoC innovations emerged long ago, they only recently entered the public debate as such. This session intends to raise interest as a kick-off for the conference. 

  • What’s new? What’s ahead?
  • How do PoC innovations compare with previous disruptive innovations?
  • Provide a horizon scanning and a vision of technological disruptions ahead

Moderator :

  • David BatesProfessor Healthcare Policy Management at Harvard University and Chief of General Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Speakers :

  • Ran BalicerChief Innovation Officer at Clalit Health Services & Founding Director, Clalit Research Institute. BGU Professor. Chair, National Covid-19 National Experts Advisory Team
  • Olivier de FresnoyeInnovator - Explorer and CEO at Echopen SA
  • Christophe Jacquinet, Chair Care Insight Think tank

2 pm - 2.30 pm

French session

Moderator :

    • Christophe Jacquinet, Chair Care Insight Think tank

PoC and impacts on professions and practices

  • Dr François Blanchecotte, President of the national union of biologists
  • Dr Gilles Bonnefond, President "Union des Syndicats de Pharmaciens d'Officine" UPSO

2.45 pm - 3.30 pm

Panel 2. Identifying PoC innovations’ potential.

PoC innovative models enable more rapid clinical decision-making and better resource utilization. This panel will present different experiences from emergent countries to foster a debate POCs’ value from societal and environmental perspectives.

  • Environmental and societal impacts
  • Global impacts: HICs versus LMIC

Moderator :

  • Olusoji O.Adeyi,  Chair - President, Resilient Health Systems (and former Director of Health, Nutrition, and Population, World Bank)

Speakers :

  • Amit Thakker, Executive Chairman at Africa Health Business
  • Ramanan Laxminarayan, Founder and Board Chair, HealthCubed Inc
  • Khama Rogo, African Institute for Health Transformation, Kenya
  • Jessica Vernon, Founder and CEO Maisha Med 

 3.30 pm - 3.45 pm


Keynote 2 : 3.45 pm - 3.55 pm

Kate Wilson, CEO Digital Impact Alliance

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PoC : Necessary conditions for a ‘valuable’ development

3.55 pm - 4.40 pm

Panel 3. Investing in Human Capital- Lifting Barriers.

Despite significant investments from both private and public sectors, PoC innovations still face various barriers, from health literacy to regulatory requirements, or technical /ethical challenges.

  • Enabling citizen’s health literacy
  • Facilitating workforce specific skills’ acquisition while ensuring technical interoperability and addressing ethical issues

Moderator :

  • Peter PittsPresident of Center for Medicine in the Public Interest

Speakers :

  • John BridgesProfessor at The Ohio State University
  • Hervé Le LouetCEO - Uppsala Monitoring Centre
  • Frank Lichtenberg, Cain Brothers & Company Professor oh Healthcare Management at Columbia University - Reseacrh Associate at national Bureau of Economic Research

4.40 pm - 5.25 pm

Panel 4.  Health Technology Assesment: Expected benefits and costs.

Health Technology Assessment: evaluation schemes; realistically assessing the economic value of PoC innovations: a case for real world evidence?

  • Sharing evidence across countries and international institutions
  • Tailoring methods to PoC innovations’ special features

Moderator :

  • Fred Horne, Adjunct Professor at the School of Public Health, University of Alberta and former Minister of Health of Alberta

Speakers :

  • Valerie Paris, Membre du Collège de la Haute Autorité de Santé France,
  • Jeremy VeillardSenior Health Specialist Latin America and the Caribbean at The World Bank
  • Dr Peter Baker, Policy Fellow an d Assistant Director, Global Health Policy Program, Center for Development (CGD)

5.30 pm - 6 pm 

French session

Moderator :

    • Christophe Jacquinet, Chair Care Insight Think tank

Speakers :

PoC and Patients

  • Dr Jean-François Thébaut, Vice President of French Federation of Diabetics
  • Amah Kouevi, President of French Institute of Patient Experience

6 pm - 6.15 pm


Paving the way to ‘fair’ Pricing & Reimbursement

6.15 pm - 7 pm

Panel 5. Balancing individual, societal and industrial stakes

  • Understanding stakeholders’ interests and their interactions
  • Investigating early advice’s potential
  • Designing new financing and reimbursement schemes

Moderator :

  • Don BerwickLecturer in the Harvard Department of Health Care Policy, CEO and founder Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Medicare & Medicaid Services, (ACA) and AHRQ

Speakers :

  • Ariel SternPoronui Associate Professor of Business Administration Technology and Operations Management Unit at Harvard Business School
  • Eliana BarrenhoHealth Economist at OECD
  • James C. Robinson, Professor of Health Economics and Director of the Berkeley Center for Health Technology, University of California at Berkeley

Keynote 3 : 7 pm - 7.10 pm

Don Berwick, Harvard Professor.Healthcare Policy.CEO and founder Institute Healthcare Improvement. Medicare & Medicaid Services.(ACA) and AHRQ

Closing: 7.10 pm - 7.20 pm

Sandrine Degos, CEO Care Insight

HealthTech For Patients

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