Wednesday, December 15 2021   Paris
Point of care: Next Healthcare Organisation ?

Point of care: Next Healthcare Organisation ?

The international summit of the Health&Tech Think Tank, managed by Care Insight, it's a leading forum for expertise on the transformation of healthcare systems through innovative technologies. With a 100% digital edition in 2021, the Health&Tech Summit presented an international overview of Point of Care healthcare models.

The essence of Point-of-Care Models, implies bringing on site Medtech devices helping patients and professionals, avoiding the hospital’s transfers or day hospital, significantly changing the way care is delivered.

Point-of-Care models include:

  • PoC testing & diagnosing (POCT), involving any type of diagnostic test that isn't done in the laboratory and is performed as close as possible to the patient.
  • PoC systems, any hospital/ outpatient information system that includes medical devices for capturing and entering data at the location where patients receive care, enabling patient-centered care across various healthcare settings.

PoC  is encompassing a digital strategic re-organisation of health systems. We wish to focus on patients and professionals and the way to generate better outcomes & value. Looking at healthcare providers and regulators worldwide as well as next decision-making tools.

The conference will gather an exceptional plethora of inspiring participants around keynotes speeches, discussion panels and inter-active round tables and workshops touching 3 major perspectives :

  • Today's citizen&patient. How to better integrate patient experience.
  • Global health value. Generating collective value - new mind maps and narratives based on data to guide decision-making
  • Business models and technological transformation based on massive data generation

  • Chairwoman of the Scientific Committee 1/1

    Lise Rochaix

    Digital technology is a major lever for structurally changing the organisation of health services in order to improve their overall quality. 'Point of Care' (POC) innovations, i.e. at the patient's door, offer a good illustration and constitute the focal point of the Health and Tech 2021 conference. From "money follows the patient" to "care follows the patient": successive shifts in the center of gravity of the health system have had an impact on these organisational challenges and therefore on its value, sustainability and fairness. These issues will be addressed in Paris on December 15th, 2021, convening all stakeholders, from France and internationally, to reflect on POC innovations’ promises and actual potential.

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