The Tuesday, December 18 2018   Paris - Imagine Institute
Health & Tech for People, Value-based Health Care in the Digital Era


" We stand at an inflection point. Health systems and stakeholders are increasingly being held accountable for the value their actions and products provide to patients and society at large. Healthcare ought to be driven by a relentless focus on delivering outcomes that truly matter to patients. However, the emergence of value-based health care is hindered by a lack of transparent and standardized outcome data. Digital solutions can play an instrumental role in transforming health systems in an unprecedented way. But how do we get there? We invite you to join leaders & pioneers from around the world to share experience on pilots & initiatives around the implementation of value-based health care, the adoption of digital standards, to expectations in payment reforms and access to quality healthcare. "

Professor Gregory KATZ
Chairman of the Think tank Digital leaders in Health
Chair of Innovation Management & Healthcare Performance University Paris-Descartes Medical School,
Director of Research, Elsan


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